DIY decluttering. Keep it behind a shutter!

Selling your home As a number one tip, a real real estate agent will tell you that you should de clutter your home in order to attract more buyers. However, this real estate agent hasn’t given you any recommendations on where to store your belongings. So what do you do? You decide to self-store! And by self-storing you choose to cram everything you want to hide from buyers in the loft and shed but the only problem you have is that these buyers want to see what is inside your loft…as well as your shed. Suddenly, a buyer notices that an ancient ornament is seconds close to smashing against the loft window and you realise that this is your great grandmother’s favourite vase - so you panic (and you’re embarrassed). You then save the vase and look out of your loft window to find your husband’s favourite armchair sticking out of the garden shed. You purposefully kick yourself as you thought that you could temporarily hide it so the buyers wouldn’t see it!Nonetheless, congratula…
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