House clearance – the DIY safe way

If you’ve decided to carry out your own home clearance, then there a number of factors you’ll need to consider. A property clearance entails heavy lifting of items like boxes, furniture, electrical items like fridges and sometimes even carpeting or plasterboard! So it’s imperative if you are going to go done the DIY clearance path that you take every precaution to safeguard your health as well as the environment when disposing of you unwanted junk! So why do people make such a big fuss over lifting or carrying boxes? Well the answer is that by lifting or carrying a heavy item can cause severe injury to your back or knees, some that can become chronic and leave you with permanent damage! Also you might want to consider what good you’ll be to yourself or anyone if you put your back out during your first day of the home clearance! Your do-it-yourself plan will go straight out the window and you’ll have no choice but to call in a professional clearance company to take care of th…
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