There are many new Mattress Cleaning Companies coming up in Melbourne, but We offer you different types of mattress cleaning services that will not only make your house a safer place but will help you to lead a healthier life. Our mattress cleaning services ranges from steam cleaning to restoration and everything in between.

Mattress Cleaning and Stain Removal services are our specialty. The fact that we are able to supply the clean mattresses on the same day sets us aside. Our experts will collect the mattress from your home and get it cleansed with the help of the high end technology. Once the mattresses are clean, they will be delivered back to your home on the same day. If your mattress requires any kid of repairs, our technicians will look into that at well. We will be able to give your favorite mattresses back in a new condition.

Mattress urine stains can be a long term reminder of a past accident.  The earlier a urine stain is addressed, better chance the traces can be effectively removed.  If not removed in a timely manner the liquid will infiltrate mattresses and may damage fibers and begin to start rusting the inner springs.  Negative effects that are not commonly considered include “squeaky” beds, mold and mildew.