Our tile and grout cleaning service is obtainable on one-off base as well as regular. Periodic planned preservation of your tiled floors will actually make bigger their life saving you money in the long run on premature substitute. This will also avoid needless disruption to your premises caused by floor replacement. We always give advice our customers to rather prevent than cure issues. Regular care for your tiles and grouting lines will also make your house more hygienic and improve the indoor air quality.

It has been probable for some time now to have your grouting lines re-colored, which will not only make it look like new once more, but will also seal your grout. Grout re-coloring comes particularly handy when the grout lines won’t clean regularly, a common rate with old grouting. Our grout color seal service gives many years of protections next to discoloration caused by humidity. It’s appropriate for both bathroom and kitchen tiles as well as wall tiles.

Spotless Tile Cleaning use the very latest equipment in tile and grout cleaning and sealing ensuring first class service is approved out. We only use leading brands cleaning products which give us the self-assurance that we can get the best results possible in a short space of time. A scrubbing machine with a rotary brush attached to it is used to disturb the cleaning solution and break through the grime and grease. The formed slurry is then extracted away using our state of the art tile cleaning unit that produces very hot steam.