Schillings Hoisting Equipment

For over 25 years Schillings Hoisting Equipment has been dedicated to sourcing and supplying the widest range of top quality lifting and rigging equipment, in addition to providing leading edge industry services and specialised expertise.

At SHE, working in partnership with our customers is critical. We work to find the best solutions and strive to always deliver on our promises for all projects. Quick turnarounds, knowledgeable staff and exceptional delivery set us apart. We aim to stay at the forefront of the industry and are constantly seeking out the latest products, ensuring we will always be able to meet the needs of existing and future markets.

In a highly regulated industry where specific standards must be met, expertise and technical knowledge are critical. SHE has both the history and staff capabilities to deliver top quality products and benchmark service to suit your needs.

Our relationship oriented team strive to exceed customer expectations. We’re driven to work in partnership with you to provide only the best solutions. Sourcing products on the basis of quality, our broad range includes top brands such as Petzl, Hoist Master, Sling Master and Gripple, in addition to our own OzBlok and Oz Mechanical brands.

SHE is optimally positioned to meet your requirements regardless of where you may be, with facilities in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, we also have affiliates elsewhere in Australia and internationally. We offer comprehensive testing at all our facilities, increasing our ability to deliver on agreements with larger organisations.

In conjunction with other industry members, SHE founded The Global Lifting Group in 1997. Established to build upon both our local and international capabilities, we now have a presence beyond Australia, in both Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Through The Global Lifting Group we have secured sought after distributorships at a global level. Long established partnerships with global brands including Thiele, Bridon, Escel and DSR are evidence of The Global Lifting Group’s ability to supply the highest quality services and products.