Real Pest Control provides professional Pest control and eradication of unwanted guests local to Melbourne and surrounding areas. With over 10 years experience our team have the knowledge and expertise to deal with any situation no matter how big or small the pest problem maybe, servicing both residential and commercial properties. We are fully qualified in Pest Control so you know you are contacting certified professionals. Our policy is to understand the biology and behavior of the pest before recommending any treatments to guarantee perfect results. We may advise additional proofing or applications to make safe your property from future pest problems. Our experts are skilled and qualified in the process of removing different types of pests, whether they are bed bugs, flies, rats, ants, wasps, spiders, bird mites, Indian meal moth and an array of others. Different types of pests require different methods to take care of, and this is what we are a professional in! While your pest problem may be exact to your region; new pests can threaten your home throughout the year. Feel free to contact us by phone call 1300660487 or Email us: –