About us
With the expert assistance of QLD Shutter Solutions, you can have the best solutions to all matters related to quality shutter and screen products and installation services. We use the finest Australian-made aluminium shutters in Gold Coast to cater to your demands. We are a team of stalwarts who handle the installation of plantation shutters in an impeccable manner.

We, QLD Shutter Solutions, are experienced, licensed and insured to offer the most dependable installation services in Queensland, Australia. The Australian-made plantation shutters that we install and plantation shutter repair parts that we use to fix your worn out shutters are ensured to be of the finest make. We source them from named vendors after a thorough quality check. We promise to deliver products and services that would be loved for aesthetics and quality. With keen eye for detail and meticulousness, we proceed with the job of installation and repair of these aluminium shutters in Gold Coast. We leave no stone unturned to do our job in a foolproof manner. It is because we have spent so many years understanding each and every type of plantation shutter, we have come to believe that we know the shutters inside out. No matter what kind of plantation shutter you want to install or repair, we have a fair amount of expertise and knowledge to succeed in it. What’s more: our competitive pricing is going to make the deal all the more inviting for you. For any query, contact us!