Vintage Nautical is the name of the company which has made its mark in the business of antique replicas with some of its outstanding antique masterpieces in Melbourne. We have expertise in manufacturing antique replicas and original pieces. Our products are available at an affordable cost to fulfill our customers’ demand within their budget.

The following is the list of products that we have in store for our clients

• Antique Pocket Watch
• Antique Compass
• Nautical Telescope
• Antique Telescope
• Antique Magnifying Glass
• Navigation Sextant
• Antique Fire Helmet
• Antique Fireman Helmet
• Antique Diver Helmet
• Antique Medieval Helmet

Each and every product that we sell is thoroughly scrutinized and checked to meet the Australian standards. Our quality control department confirms and makes sure that the raw materials used in the making of the products are of superior quality. The fine craftsmanship of our workers gives the replicas the appearance that is very much similar with the original one. The biggest advantage of antique imitations is that they are less costly than the original one. You do not need to kill your passion for antiques because of the expense; with us you can get a similar piece at a relatively low cost. To browse our product ranges please visit our website.