We discuss the location of the infestation, any evidence you have found, and the course of treatment we recommend. If you are located in a large factory or spacious commercial premises, we always visit the area to assess the surroundings before deciding on the most appropriate solution. Marks Pest Control Liverpool is a locally owned and operated residential and commercial pest control company with more than 6,000 happy customers in Liverpool. In business from many years, we present a variety of services including monthly pest control, termite control, lawn and shrub treatments, white fly protection and eradication, and rodent control to address all of your pest and rodent control requirements. We respond to requests for service the same day you call and guarantee our work. Our specialized technicians provide the highest quality pest control services at the lowest possible prices. Why choose Marks Pest Control Liverpool as your trusted exterminator and Bed Bug Removal Company? Our year’s track record demonstrates our devotion to our many customers—your pleasure is our number one priority. Everything we do is designed to make life easier for you, to take care of the problems plaguing your home or business. Our bed bug control services are unmatched in our area. We are an experienced bed bug exterminator with years of skill performing thorough inspections and fast removal treatments. Marks Pest Control Liverpool offers state of the art termite control for our commercial and residential customers. Termites are one of the most destructive pests in the country. They cost homeowners and business owners billions of dollars a year in property and structure damages. They eat greedily wood speedily with very populated colonies consuming the wooden and cellulose materials. Your house or business can see extreme damage within months.