While earthenware and porcelain tiles themselves are non-porous, the grouts between them absorb daily dirt and spills, much like a sponge. To defend your newly cleaned grout, our team can apply a sealant to create a stain-resistant surface. Our service sealant creates an invisible stain-resistant barrier over the top of the grout, giving you more time to clean spots and spills before they discolor your grout. It also makes future cleanings easier, since most of the dust stays at the surface of the grout. Surface Color dedicated Surfaces uses the uppermost excellence color sealants obtainable in the industry in a full range of color option. This acrylic-urethane based produce will hide all existing discolorations in your grout to provide it a uniform look. Additionally, it creates a fully waterproof blockade. Future spills can be with no trouble wiped up, leaving no permanent stains.