Founded by Sam Constantinou, Gateway Gates is the renowned manufacturer of high quality steel products and driveway gates in Melbourne. With more than 30 years of experience, we are specialised in manufacturing unique and durable gates, steel gates, driveway gates and fencing, metal gates, gun safes and BBQ rotisseries in Melbourne. Our driveway gates come in a wide range of designs and styles and also offer innovative custom gates in Melbourne that perfectly suits your needs and budget. We also supply a comprehensive range of good quality charcoal BBQ products that includes charcoal BBQ Grill, charcoal spit roaster, and custom charcoal BBQ.

With hard work, reputation and trust built over years, we aim to provide the best quality steel products in Melbourne. With our years of expertise and knowledge, we manufacture personalized gates for residential, commercial and industrial clients. At Gateway Gates, we pride in providing excellent workmanship that not only add security and beauty to your property, but will also let it stand out from the rest. Our gates come with excellent features including weather resistant, corrosion resistant, durable, excellent polish, longer shelf life and damp resistance.

For more information on our vast range of driveway gates, gun safes and BBQ rotisseries, feel free to give us a call or visit our website..