We ensure fire protection in Melbourne through precise testing and inspection including the design and installation of fire protection systems that comply with Australian Standard.

Fire Extinguishers

Every fire extinguisher we supply is designed to quickly prevent the spread of a sudden fire. We also offer installment and inspection to ensure that your fire extinguisher is 100% working.

Fire Compliance

We’ll provide all the help for your Commercial Fire Compliance needs. Our licensed technicians will get you through the fire compliance audit requirements.

Electrical Tag & Test

Complying with the legal and safety requirements is a breeze with the help of our experienced electricians. Prevent electrical fires in your home and business with our electrical tag & test service.

Fire Hydrants

Your fire hydrants should be fully operational in case the case of a fire emergency. Let us do the testing and inspection to ensure that your fire hydrants are always ready to use.

Emergency Exit Light

You’ll never know when fire emergency will occur but you can ensure that finding the emergency exit is easy for your family members and staff. We supply, install, and service emergency exit lights for your home and business.

Smoke Detectors

Be ready at the first sign of fire. Our smoke detectors are equipped with the latest technology that can effectively detect smoke that can cause a fire.