Job Fit is an organisation that is recognised for providing innovative and professional health, safety and fitness services. We have strong experience in the laundry, hospital, cleaning, manufacturing, and warehousing sectors. However we do provide our services to all industry.

With our qualifications and expertise we can provide our clients with a range of services including: Workplace Assessment, Ergonomic Assessments, Safety Training Videos, Manual Handling Training, Manual Handling Risk Assessment, Ergonomics Training, workplace stretching programs just to name a few.

Accidents happen. And when it involves one of your staff members, the expense of injury goes far beyond medical bills. The costs of lost productivity, wasted administration & management time, plus the emotional outcomes of negative staff morale and stress, can all amount to a huge financial headache.

But there is relief. Job Fit provides their clients with specific training and safety procedures to help recognize and reduce the likelihood of injuries before they occur.

By providing the most innovative and job specific training and tools, our clients are more likely to successfully identify risks involved within the tasks they perform and handle it before it potentially becomes a huge occupational health and safety nightmare.

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