Generally there are a few probable causes for white residue on colored grout. When there is a whitish mineral remains on the grout, commonly this is caused by efflorescence. Similar to the white powder left in a drinking glass when a glass of water is left to fade away, efflorescence is caused by minerals that are soluble in water being dissolve and transported to the surface of the grout as the water evaporate. We at Efflorescence Treatment Melbourne can be the solution to that trouble since we are highly skilled and we will also give advice you on how to prevent the trouble. We always look for the reasons of efflorescence and use the best actions to remove it. You require to reach us through 1300 040 257 that is on our website if you see any white lines on the edges of your grout joints as they are the first symbols of efflorescence. We will take care of your surface by using the necessary products and tools to make it appear brand new again. Consider adding our contact number to your phonebook so that you will with no trouble reach us when you require us most. We are a expert cleaning company based in Melbourne that clean and seal all kinds of outdoor surfaces. The Efflorescence Treatment Melbourne line of services are specifically formulated to assist reduce efflorescence but at the same time improve the water repellency of concrete mixes. Efflorescence can be an matter that plagues any concrete maker and water repellency may be specified on masonry and concrete buildings to enhance its life.