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Some of our main services include, powder coating, sandblasting, powder coating rims, powder coating wheels and much more. We have been successful in assimilating a team of highly skilled and efficient powder coaters who are very dedicated to providing each and every customer with a 100% satisfactory service. Our team strives hard to deliver a quality service every single time a client approaches us. When it comes to our services we put our heart and soul into providing our clients a service that will definitely outlive their expectations from us.

With our services you can have the complete confidence that you have found the right company in us. We make it a point to discuss with our clients prior to starting the service as to what they actually are looking for and our team makes sure that the results are exactly in accordance to the client’s demand. To know more about our services and our company you can visit our official website and to book a service with us you can give us a call.