Are you maximising the space in your backyard? Whether it’s small with not much more than a patch of grass, or big, spanning numerous acres of land, simple renovations can make the difference between a yard and an outdoor paradise.

Before you get started, first identify the main purpose of your yard. Ask yourself: will it mainly be used for relaxation, entertaining or playtime? This thinking process will help you narrow down what kinds of improvements will produce the best outcome for your needs. To further help, we’ve compiled some of the most effective and rewarding backyard renovation ideas for you below.

1. Flaunt a Water Feature

Fountains and ponds add a serene touch to any backyard. The soothing sound of flowing water sets a special atmosphere allowing you to easily turn your outdoor space into an oasis. Water features come in all kinds of varying designs, from self-sustaining contained systems to stand-alone and water walls, to suit a range of budgets.

2. Take the Indoors Outside

The comforts of your home can extend beyond the roof. Outdoor “rooms,” like cooking areas and living spaces, are currently hot and on trend. To have a go at creating your own, install a deck in your backyard featuring quality countertops, sophisticated built-in grills and lots of guest seating.

3. Pave the Way

Designated walkways can invite personality and creativity into your yard. This type of renovation can be as simple as placing large stone pieces on the ground, or as complex as building custom steps to suit your home. Try a paved pathway set in marble, granite or timber for a fresh yet earthy look.

4. Show Your Green Thumb

Edible gardens have become one of the most popular backyard features of 2014. Not only do they look good, but are useful in providing tasty organic food as well. Installing a raised garden bed will transform your yard and influence better eating habits. Imagine preparing fruit, vegetables and herbs you’ve grown and picked yourself from the back. That’s rewarding.

5. Be a Fire Starter

When the chilly weather rolls in, it’s time to consider heating up your outdoor space. Common outdoor gas heaters will do the job, but for a more unique option, choose a fire pit. Designs vary to suit different sized backyards and price points. Check them out to see which is best you.

6. Get It Covered


Pergolas are a great investment for any backyard, as they can be used for shade in the summertime, or to house heating lamps and provide shelter in the cooler months. We suggest you add blooms or greenery of your choice to tailor the look and feel of your space.

7. Take the Plunge


Built-in pools and spas are always popular. This type of renovation – albeit costly and time consuming compared to other backyard renovations – adds value to your property. Pools and spas and also serve as a great space for social gatherings, recreation and exercise.

8. Fancy Fencing


Installing a new fence quickly lifts and brightens the look of any property. Cost-effective and straightforward, not only does this improvement offer you a heightened sense of privacy, but also the wide variety of fencing designs and materials to choose from allows you to really make your space your own.

9. Work With Raw Materials


Organic, natural building materials are making their way back into the classic Australian backyard. Next time you’re looking to buy or build outdoor furniture, consider raw stone or exposed wood for benches, tables and decorations.

10. Take It Higher


Raised decking and patios are the perfect platform for alfresco dining or entertaining; you’ll never hesitate to invite friends or family over for dinner again. When choosing the materials for this renovation, ensure you include sturdy, durable surface for an outdoor a space that’s practical, inviting and livable.

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