When it comes to replacing your old roof, you might be faced with quite a few choices but nowadays it is best for homeowners to opt for Colorbond Roofing. An old traditional style tile roof, after it overstays its welcome, should definitely be replaced instead of you climbing up, trying to repair it, and injuring yourself in the process. Colorbond roofs are cost effective as well since they don’t have to be replaced as often as tile roofs, so in the long run; you are making a great investment for your home.

There are quite a few benefits of installing Colorbond Roofing such as:

Strength & Durability

These roofs are available in a corrosion resistant steel base with a baked on paint finish that can withstand peeling, cracking, scratching, and chipping. Due to the addition of steel, long life performance is a guarantee. Special “weather tight” technology has been used to protect against extreme and harsh weather conditions. Some areas are overrun by rodents and pests, but Colorbond ensures that your roof is rodents and termite resistant as well. Moreover, it is also non-combustible, which means the safety factor is also included.

The primary objective of a roof is providing protection and acting as a supporting structure for the rest of the house, but have you thought what an attractive and durable roof might do for the value of your home? If you look at your home from the eyes of a prospective buyer, it will come to notice that one of the first things that people look at is the roof, while making up their minds to purchase a property. A new roof for homeowners who have just bought a house is an added expenditure that they will gladly bypass if given the chances. Even if you wish to stay in your home for years to come and intend to sell it off in the future, a strong roof with advanced Super Polyester pre-painted coating technology, keeps the roof looking new for a longer period of time.


Colorbond Roofing

An example of a Colorbond metal roof against a traditional tiled roof.

Source: http://bit.ly/1wGWIS6

Less Heating and Cooling Costs

This roof is cost effective even when it comes to heating and cooling expenses. Keep in mind that the materials used for manufacturing Colorbond is some of the toughest and most advanced. It has been incorporated with “Thermatech solar reflective technology” that regulates the amount of heat entering your home. The technology ensures the roof acts as a reflector during summers when the weather is hot. This feature puts less pressure on the heating and cooling systems of your home. Similarly, the roof doesn’t let in too much of the cold during winters, leading to relatively warm interiors. There will be a marked difference in your bill due to less consumption of energy. It is suggested you choose lighter colors for the roof to qualify for insulation concessions that amount to overall construction cost and time savings.

Less Maintenance is Needed

As opposed to traditional roofing, Colorbond requires very little maintenance. The steel used in it is bonded to the color, so a regular paint job isn’t needed often as it is in the case of other metal roofs. Traditional roofing like shingles might have to be replaced periodically due to damaged caused by wind. Water damage is fatal in the case of the roof as water can get inside the house!

Ease of Installation

Homeowners always look for a roofing system that is simple to install without complexities involved. Since this material is light weight, handling and carrying becomes way easier. Professionals in charge of the installation will prefer something that is simple to get to the roof. This ensures a lot of time is saved, which proves less costly for homeowners. Furthermore, if you have various balconies or eaves, such roofing is way better due to being lightweight. A shallow roof pitch looks better with balconies since the further out you go, the head height reduces as well. This roofing works well if you want to maintain the height for a wide balcony.

Protection against bushfire & Resilience

If you are living in an area where summer bushfires are pretty common, it is in your best interest to choose a Colorbond roof. Regulations issued by BAL (Bushfire Attack Level), direct you to purchase the type of roofing that gives adequate protection, and Colorbond roofs are simpler for sealing against external ember attack. When it comes to resilience, this type of roofing is a few notches above those made of concrete. If someone has to climb up on the roof for reasons of maintenance, they have to be extremely careful while stepping on concrete or tiles, while Colorbond provides a better foothold.

There are quite a few colors available, so you have an array of choices when it comes to selecting a shade that goes with the overall appearance of your home. Since Colorbond has a contemporary and stylish look with neat lines, it is advisable to stick to this theme.

Naomi Fuller is a guest writer for Air Roofing – a specialist residential, commercial and industrial roof Services Company in Perth.