With winter and cold temperatures knocking on your door, it is a good idea to start preparations now, while the temperatures are still bearable. Winters can be rough, seeing how everywhere around the globe countries are experiencing snow and cold weather earlier or more severe than ever before. Make sure your home is ready for any such unforeseen contingency.
Winter preparations often times do not require a great deal of time investment, only some knowledge and know-how on how to perform them. Much like house cleaning, preparing for winter is best done with a good to-do list and proper tools for the job.
DIY Home Winterizing
Start with insulation. It is one of the most effective solutions when it comes to preparing for the winter. You can insulate the attic and walls, as these are areas that heat escapes from. Warm air is light, and will easily escape through your attic, if there is no insulation there. Another problematic area of the house is windows and doors. Holes, cracks and other openings can easily lead to leaks, losing a large amount of heat from your house. Make sure you caulk those to seal them. Install storm doors and windows to serve protection from snow blizzards. Consider window cleaning after or before that, to ensure they are in their best condition. If there is draft under your doors, you can use draft stoppers. Get your heavy curtains out and after giving them a thorough steam cleaning, put them to good use.
DIY Home Winterizing 2
Have your heating system checked by a professional to make sure everything is working as intended. Check the vents for blockage and remove any if present. Cleaning them is also important, as is replacing your air filter frequently. This will ensure the system works smoothly and more effectively.
If you own a fireplace, make sure you get a professional to clean your chimney. Any creosote and soot build ups must be removed. Inspect your damper, to make sure it closes and opens freely. Check the chimney for any birds or other rodents and install a screen on top to prevent them from entering. You should inspect your wood as well, and keep a reserve of 20% at least, in case of sudden outbursts of extreme cold weather, during which you will use more wood fuel.
Make sure you prepare your winter upholstery for the season. Consider upholstery cleaning services. Having bulky upholstery can bring lots of warmth in your room, especially if it is one you spend a lot of time in.
Making sure you are ready for winter will ensure no bad surprises happen to your home. You should definitely start your preparations early and make sure they are performed thoroughly.

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