Doing a professional oven cleaning for yourself is something that most people carry out either because they do not see the point of hiring a cleaning company to be able to do it for them, or it’s more about “it’s just an oven, I will do it myself!”. Either way, whatever the deal, times are tough and it isn’t always easy to be able to hire cleaning contractors and we’re left to be able to clean the oven that is full of grease ourselves because we know that if we need to continue to cook or bake in it, it isn’t always easy to have a dirty oven! We know the reason that when the cleaners choose to clean our place, it sparkles and shines simply and often because of the cleaning agents they use. But what about the times that we have to do it all by ourselves and want to achieve the same result? Not a worry, we’ve taken the liberty of being able to put it down for you in a handy short guide that you can go through and get even better results (!) than the experts, provided you follow the steps. It is a great skill to learn, one you can teach friends and family as well as save a bit of money on the side to be able to put towards something else. Keep this guide handy as it will help for the future:
DIY oven clean
Before cleaning the oven, please clean the stove itself. Sounds a bit silly to even be saying that however it is imperative that all of the cooker is sparkling and clean so that it doesn’t feel weird having a cooker that is dirty on the outside and yet clean on the inside. You can do this by taking off the burners and cleaning them with a damp cloth slowly and all around the grill rack as well, if it is a gas cooker. If it is an electric cooker, your job is a little simpler as you can spray on the foam cleanser and let it sit there for a while, for around half an hour until you can get a scourer and then clean up with little to no effort!
How to carry out a DIY oven clean
Before you actually do your oven cleaning, it is important that you also clean out the vent. Ensure that your vent is cold and that you have not used the oven to be able to cook just a short while ago. If all is well, simply climb on a stool and wipe it down with a damp clean cloth. Remember that you use your vent to let out any excess heat, so it may have a little grease on it from time to time.

For your actual oven clean, this is how it works. Mix a quarter cup of bicarbonate of soda and a quarter of vinegar into a bucket that has been filled with warm water. Take off the oven racks and let them sit in there overnight. For the actual oven, make a paste of these two ingredients, mix and then smear all over the oven. Leave overnight and then scrape off in the morning. Your oven will be as good as new!

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