A flat clearance can differ somewhat from a house clearance, mainly due to the fact that flats are not as easily accessible as houses, which have a direct ground floor entranceway and can really facilitate furniture disposal without the hassle of narrow stairways or small lifts! For a swift and easy property clearance, flats are not ideal, but when waste removal is necessary, ways will be found to ensure an effective process is performed, particularly by a seasoned and well trained clearing company!
Advice for an effective DIY flat clearance
Remember the process of organisation and deciding what you want to keep and what you want to bin, is the same no matter whether you’re carrying out a house clearance or office clearance. Have all your items ready to go before the clearance professionals arrive, to cut down on time and thus costs of completing your rubbish removal!
Advice for an effective flat clearance2
So if you live in a top floor flat that’s only accessible via a narrow staircase, you’ll need to find a company that is up to the job of flat clearance! Many companies will charge a lot more for a waste disposal operation from a flat, while some just aren’t equipped to carry out rubbish disposal from hard to reach flats! However there are other clearance firms out there, who will be more than happy to take care of furniture clearance from a top floor flat, with or without a lift. The stairs won’t be a hindrance nor will narrow corridors and if when you speak to them, they say they can deliver, make sure they pay your flat a visit before signing on any dotted lines! Also ensure the property clearance services you hire work to a strict deadline and swiftly, as you want to cause as little disruption as possible to your neighbours who will likely be navigating the corridors and narrow steps at the same time as your Balham domestic clearance is underway! Whether you’re after partial or full flat clearance must be outlined to the clearance company when you speak to them in order to get a quote or find out if they can perform the task.

When it comes to flat clearance, it really doesn’t differ to a house clearance in the sense of rubbish clearance and what you do with your unwanted items. Some valuables you no longer have any need or want for could be sold online or at a car boot sale! Some flat clearance firms will take care of this for you and deduct the price from the cost of clearance services offered! You’ll need to check first with the company of your choosing before assuming it’s a given service!

Charity shops are always crying out for items in good condition. So if there’s nothing wrong with your old CDs or books, or you baby’s old clothes, then why not drop them off at a charity shop of your choosing? Such donations will be much appreciated and this will help you with your junk disposal! For items you’d like donated, again you’re best to enquire with a property clearance company.

There often come times, when people require flat clearance services, but not for their flats, but for those of relatives who have recently passed away. This can be so much harder, as dealing with somebody else’s junk removal is not the same as carrying out your own. Landlords often also require flat clearance if they are readying the property for a new tenant or need builders waste removal from a flat after carrying out renovation work!